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QUARTER SECTION PRESS publishes books with a special emphasis on themes related to building a more sustainable, just, and humane world. Its name recalls the 160 acres or quarter section that comprised the typical small, family farm in the years following the Homestead Act of 1862.

Guide to publications and page links

poetry: Poetry eChapbooks (pdf files).

Collected Chapbooks: Collected Chapbooks: 2010-2016, a one volume eBook (pdf file) collection of poetry chapbooks, published in 2016.

Word Waves: Word Waves: Poems, Stories, and Essays, an eBook (pdf file) collection of the poems in Collected Chapbooks organized by subject that includes several short stories and essays, published in 2016.

books: eBook versions (pdf files) of Business Decisions: the impact of corporate mergers and global capitalism on our lives, published as a trade paperback in 2002, and Broken Strings, Missing Notes: strengthening democracy and seeking justice in a nation out of tune, published as a trade paperback in 2005.

Waves of Silence: Waves of Silence: Digisonix, active noise control, and the digital revolution, an eBook (pdf file) that tells the story of Digisonix, published in 2015.

Quarter Section Press, 6105 Fairfax Lane, Madison, WI 53718-8262 U.S.A.

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