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About the author

Larry J. Eriksson is a Wisconsin poet active in the Dickinson Poetry Series and a member of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets. He sees the world as filled with the music of poetry – a cosmic mystery driven by rhythms, rhymes, and riddles. His poems preserve memories, clarify thoughts, explore feelings, or simply have fun with language and have appeared in numerous publications including The Capitol Times, the Peninsula Pulse, the Poets' Calendars of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets, the chapbooks No Breath is Lost and What Is Hidden published by the Dickinson Poetry Series, Verse Wisconsin, Equinox, N.E.W. Voices, and Justice.

He is is the author of two books on sociopolitical issues, Business Decisions: the impact of corporate mergers and global capitalism on our lives and Broken Strings, Missing Notes: strengthening democracy and seeking justice in a nation out of tune, a book on business history, Waves of Silence: Digisonix, active noise control, and the digital revolution, and two books of poetry, Collected Chapbooks: 2010-2016 and Word Waves: Poems, Stories, and Essays.

He served as vice-president of research at Nelson Industries for 25 years where he was also a co-founder, vice-president, and director of Digisonix. Author of many papers and patents on acoustics, signal processing, and active noise control as well as chapters in two engineering books, he received his B.S.E.E. from Northwestern University, his M.S.E.E. from the University of Minnesota, and his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America and the Society of Automotive Engineers.


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